GPM offers its clients a range of SecureAssess® software products for conducting physical security assessments of any type of structure or site. SecureAssess® software that is presently available includes a General Security Assessment, High-rise Security Assessment and Health Care Facilities Security Assessment.

The ultimate security assessment tool,
SecureAssess® improves Organizational Performance, leading to an improved "bottom-line", by increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of identifying, prioritizing, and controlling key security vulnerabilities.

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SecureAssess®Security Software provides users with two major benefits:
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Improved Organizational Performance
Improved Method of Addressing Key Security Vulnerabilities
 GPM - a global leader in providing software-based security solutions...

Improved Organizational Performance

Assist users to achieve higher standards of regulatory and corporate compliance, quality assurance, due diligence and accountability. The process decreases overall security program costs, expands the capabilities of existing security resources leading to an improved organizational bottom-line.

SecureAssess® is a totally integrated security assessment package - utilizing expert content in a state-of-the-art software system.

SecureAssess® Features include
  • The ability to walk through and enter assessment responses - lets you administer your own assessment.  Assessment responses can be entered by pen stroke, written script and, depending upon the PDA technology used, by voice and digital photograph.
  • Develops assessment results - creates your assessment database.  Facilitates comparison of separate corporate operations or premises against a common assessment criterion.
  • Assessment findings summarized - prints your detailed and summary assessment reports in easy to read and understandable formats.
  • Follow-up - lets you identify deficiencies and route special action items.
  • Detailed assessment reports from non-compliance reports to trend analysis - instantly available.
  • Automatic follow-up actions - automatic email reminders with three-tiered deficiency tracking capability.
  • Hand-held portability - export assessments to your Palm OS, PDA or Pocket PC for easy field data capture - utilize add-ons like digital camera, portable keyboard and voice recorder for added efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Conduct your assessments...then download them back to SecureAssess® for reporting and editing by simply synchronizing your PDA with your computer.
  • Time savings - 50% to 75% over standard methods.

Addressing Key Security Vulnerabilities

SecureAssess® allows users to conduct assessments faster, more easily and more effectively, with greater accuracy and consistency.

Before you can apply appropriate control measures to help mitigate the effect of security-related losses, you need to know exactly what your security vulnerabilities are. You need to adequately ASSESS a number of key components of your overall security program. GPM has developed the "SecureAssess®" package of software-based solutions. Our flagship product, the "General Security Assessment" tool, will provide appropriate personnel with the right tool to identify existing security vulnerabilities.

...the right tool to identify existing security vulnerabilities
Once key vulnerabilities are identified, they can be prioritized and control measures implemented. The key is ease of identification, through the use of a simple, yet extremely effective software package. The GPM "General Security Assessment" will guide appropriate personnel through a pre-established, comprehensive assessment process. Organizational data is captured and transferred into the software database. Key reports and follow-ups are generated automatically for quick access to results! The software offers users consistency in their assessment approach, and the benefits of portability, as all data can be captured "in the field" on a portable hand-held PDA unit, then synced back to the software.

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